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Farming is a specialist business sector. It demands a specialist accountant and bdhc have specialised in farming for very many years with many farming clients spread throughout Wales and the West of England

Farming is a commodity price driven business. Selling and purchase prices can be volatile and the farmer is often at the mercy of market forces that are difficult for him to contest. This requires the farmer to have careful control of his business so he is able to react quickly to changes in selling and purchase prices. To do this the farmer must understand the numbers in his accounts and how they inter-relate with each other.

bdhc specialists help the farmer to do this!

The unusual nature of farming has led to many special tax rules which affect both the annual income tax bill and also Inheritance Tax.

bdhc have expertise in advising farming clients how to take maximum advantage of these special tax rules.

A frequent issue for farming clients to address is succession. How to pass the farm on to the next generation meeting the desire of that next generation to become more involved, minimize taxes, especially Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax, and equally as important, maintain mother and fathers financial security. bdhc have helped many farming families address this point and are available to help you.

Farm diversification

Many farmers have had to think laterally to survive. Farm diversification, where the farmer turns to other forms of income outside the sphere of traditional farming practices, has become increasingly commonplace.

bdhc has vast experience in this field, whether it be leisure, transport, food manufacture and many other diverse businesses. bdhc can help.

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